• [GATE] Процессор ASTER V2 Module Set (Rear Wired) BASIC

[GATE] Процессор ASTER V2 Module Set (Rear Wired) BASIC

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ASTER V2 Module Set (Rear Wired) BASIC

Aster is a “younger brother” of the advanced Titan module. It was designed for highest-quality and reliability whilst retaining an attractive price. The module is intended for the tuning of replicas featuring gearbox V2 - for tuned and stock replicas alike!

Aster Features:
- Trigger sensitivity adjustment
- Full compatibility with popular gearboxes available on the market
- Support for all kinds of gears
- Programmable using the trigger
- Various modes of fire mode programming (burst, semi, auto, etc.)
- Pre-cocking
- Fire rate adjustment
- Notifies about a low battery level
- Protects battery from damage
- “Sniper delay”

Aster Controller Module Set Includes:

- the module
- assembly kit
- GATE ASTER patch

More comprehensive description of Aster controller:

Five sensors that allow controlling the trigger sensitivity. There is no need to disassemble the replica, all that is necessary is to use a USB-Link, BLU-Link or GATE™ control station app. It will allow adapting the replica to the skills and individual preferences of the User.

Two sensors can be programmed in three ways to select one of 6 functions:
- SAFE-SEMI-BURST*/AUTO (short squeeze-and-hold - BURST, long trigger squeeze-and-hold AUTO)
- SAFE-BURST*-AUTO (SAFE via a rapid mode selection, when: SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)
*BURST means firing a series of rounds.

PRE-COCKING (Gen. 1.5)
Winning a duel often depends on fractions of a second, that is why thanks to pre-cocking the trigger reacts with a speed that can be compared to that of a real firearm. The spring is pulled beforehand, so at the same time, we caution that usage of this mode with powerful springs will lead to a faster wear of internal parts of a replica.
There are two modes of PRE-COCKING function:
1. AUTO - the spring is pulled after every shot
2. SMART - the spring is pulled in advance by a slow squeeze of the trigger and a shot is fired by a rapid squeeze.
Three modes of operation can programmed for PRE-COCKING: HIGH / MID / LOW - each regulates the spring sprain in different levels

This allows to reduce the rate of fire of the replica. This allows to use more powerful Li-Po batteries and still maintain a rate of fire compliant with real firearms.

This function allows to set a delay between every shot in SEMI mode in order to simulate reload delay or recoil compensation. It is possible to set the following delay: 0.5 s, 1.0 s, 2.0 s and 3.0 s.

A detailed description of all functions is available on the manufacturer’s website: http://www.gatee.eu/

The full manual is available at the below address:


Modules in BASIC version feature up-to-date firmware at stock. 

The set includes:

- Aster Drop-In module
- assembly kit
- Quick Start Guide (English)
- patch

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